Friday, August 31, 2007

Class 2, GIS 111, 8/31/07

Today we were instructed on ArcCatalog and building geodatabases. There was a lot of steps to doing this but hopefully over time this will get easier. I was especially interested in chapter 14 because the exercises were based on water lines, fire hydrants and there attributes.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

GIS 111 First Class


I am Robert Sams and I'm taking a much needed class on GIS. I have worked with the Town of Mars Hill Public Works for almost 21 years and have used all kinds of paper maps and blueprints and even relied on past workers memory to find water and sewer lines. In the past things could be done this way even though it was much more time consuming and less reliable. In recent years due to increased work load, increased underground utility's and government mandate even small towns must join what bigger city's have been doing for years. After having Arc View GIS on our public works computer for years and relied on engineers and public agencies to help us get started I was fairly happy with the results but need to add additions and modify some of the existing data. Hopefully with instructor "Pete Kennedy's" help I can start to learn to do this.

On 8/25/07 I had my first class. Here are some of the first class lab exercises.